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You live in a city that saw the tiger mosquito? Protect yourself from mosquito bites.

By protecting yourself from mosquito bites you protect against these diseases, debilitating and tiring.

  • Wear protective clothing and wide. Imbue them with fabrics insecticide.Apply repellent products recommended by your pharmacist.
  • Sleeping under insecticide-treated nets for fabrics. There are nets to cradle newborns.
  • Use electric diffusers indoors.
  • Insecticide use coils only outdoors.
  • If you can, plug in your air conditioning or ventilation
  • Use of skin repellents and insecticides fabrics

    Repellents keep mosquitoes without killing them.

    A skin repellent should be chosen according to the age group and the population concerned.

    Recommendations for the use of repellents and biocides against mosquitoes of the ministry in charge of health.

    First apply on the hands and then spread on exposed areas of your body. Do not forget the joints, neck, face and areas that can be discovered on the occasion of movements.

  • Carefully avoid the eyes, mucous membranes and wounds, even superficial.
  • Duration of protection: 6-8 hours. At the beach or pool, repeat after swimming. The repellent is applied 20 minutes after sunscreen.
  • Special insecticides for fabrics used to impregnate clothing and mosquito nets

  • Principle: they kill mosquitoes and especially avoid bites through clothing.Insecticide products for permethrin-based clothing can be used in pregnant women.
  • A single impregnation suffices for an efficiency of about two months that persists after about 3 washes.